As part of the Novexx Group of companies, EVSE Singapore is established to provide innovative services and integrated solutions for the electromobility industry. Our mission is to deliver and integrate engineering solutions and services with top of the range innovative and technology products at fair prices. With a history of more than 15 years, we are poised for accelerated growth and geared to be a world class service provider in various areas of expertise.


Shaping a Sustainable Future

Energy will be a key resource as more households are relying on renewable energy. With the use of electric vehicles gaining its pace, e-mobility is no longer something of the future. Thanks to the continuously increasing number of new models by the major car manufacturers, e-mobility has finally become a thing of the present. In order for e-mobility to be introduced in the long run, a network of requirement-orientated and intelligent charging infrastructure is needed.


Presenting an Easy-to-Use Infrastructure for e-Mobility in Singapore

EVSE Singapore is proud to introduce an infrastructure that is easy and convenient to use, and ultimately delivering the success of e-mobility in Singapore. With our products developed using innovative approaches and made “easy to use”, we focus on the needs of the user, thus creating the optimal connection to technical solutions.


WHY Choose EVSE Singapore?

EVSE Singapore promises to deliver an intelligent charging infrastructure and e-mobility solution that is more than just a charging station. Because of its countless and intelligently equipped features and communication standards, not only can you charge, but you can also control, communicate and network. This provides many benefits to everyone using e-mobility – regardless of whether they are an energy supplier, car manufacturer, fleet operator or e-vehicle owner.


Advantages at a Glance

Ensured Quality & Safety

EVSE Singapore sources for products that are continuously integrated with numerous features for more safety and availability, in order to meet high quality demands.

Our EVSE Singapore products are tested in the highest regulation to ensure the best performance, compliant with Singapore & International standards.

Simplicity – Easy to Use

EVSE Singrapore aims to orientate towards products that are user friendly. From installation to usage, our range of products are easy to use and operate


Speak to our expert engineers to find the right fit of e-mobility solutions and accessories for your individual and corporate needs.